Foil Candles

Foil Candles

This free candle making project shows you how to free form a foil candle.

What you need

Aluminum Foil
Basic Candle Making Supplies


Aluminum foil isn’t quite as fragile as it looks and it’s a great material for casting molds.

Suspend a pocket of crinkled foil in a support container such as an bowl.

Spray the foil with a little mold release just to make it easier to remove the foil, but if you have patience you can just sit and pick the foil off.

Add the wick to the mold by tying it to a stick and hanging it over the mold.

You can also use this method to make a base for a store bought candle. Pour the wax into the foil mold and insert a tapered candle.

To learn how to make candles check out our Basic Candle Making Instructions


  1. they look awsome!

  2. Also they thought it was very fun to make!!

  3. i loved making the candle with some of the kids i babysit although the first time the candle wax leaked through the aluminum foil but awesome craft


  4. Or I suppose you could make the mold..Insert a tealight, and pour melted wax over and around the tealight using “IT’s” wick.

  5. It’s very creative

  6. It’s very creative

  7. Great idea, cause molds can get soooo expensive

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