Halloween Ghosts Decorations

Halloween Ghosts Decorations

This is a great party decoration for any Halloween or fright night.

What you need

1 1/2 metre piece of white fabric
fishing line


Start by blowing up the balloon and tying a length of fishing line to the knotted end of the balloon.

Next thread the fishing line onto a needle and thread the needle up through the centre of your piece of white fabric. Keep pulling the thread through until the balloon stops at the top.

The fabric should be hanging off the balloon. Tie a knot to secure the thread and balloon then using some hooks or sticky tape attach the balloon to the ceiling of the room.

This will create a free flowing flying ghost.

To add to the effect create a small breeze by opening a door or turning on a fan to blow the ghosts about the room.


  1. Sounds like such a cute fun idea! Kids would love this. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  2. What a simple but great idea thanks


  4. we did this last year with a twist. I purchased a medium sized helium tank and when I filled them I cracked a white light stick and inserted it before I tied it then put white tulle on top which is very light weight.

  5. I’d have liked to seen a picture too, but sounds cute. I have some of my husband’s (clean, of course!) white hankies. Is there anything I wonder, could use under the hankies to make it look like a ghost? I’m thinking styrofoam balls?

  6. If you use a lighter fabric such as cheese cloth , with a white balloon ,you could carefully tape a pipe cleaner to the bottom of the balloon ,underneath the cheese cloth to make arms.

  7. Ive also seen somewhere a simular idea for ghosts outside. You have your balloons filled w/helium and tie fishing line to bottom, cover balloon w/fabric or white trash bags and anchor with rock or tent stakes to ground. Sounds really cool!

  8. if you cant find some good white fabric, white tall kitchen garbage bags work nicely too. =] it doesnt look as good, but it works! =]

  9. i cant even see it so how would i know,but anyway,i would think it would be a good idea
    for kids,they would really like it alot!!

  10. i cant even see it so how would i know,but anyway,i would think it would be a good idea

  11. Use WHITE Balloons.

  12. good idea

  13. no photo have noidea how it looks. Shame to cause love most ghost crafts

  14. clever!

  15. linda angell says

    good craft for kids

  16. Nice Idea!

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