Easter Lilly Dollar Tree Wreath

Easter Lilly Dollar Tree Wreath

This DIY Craft shows you how to take Easter Lilly's and make a seasonal Easter Wreath. This wreath is also ideal for springtime and is made using items from the dollar tree.

What you need

Grapevine wreath (mine was 18 inches and I got it with a coupon from Joann)
4 bunches of Easter lilies from dollar tree
1 bunch of foliage (mine was like a eucalyptus) from Dollar Tree
Metal Cross (dollar tree)  or wooden cross (optional)
Hot Glue gun
Zip ties


To begin, remove all of the blooms from their stalks.

I used hot glue where the flower would meet the stem and firmly pressed it onto the grapevine to ensure it adhered; repeat with the remaining flowers until you have the desired look.

I then grabbed the zip tie and threaded it through the metal loop on the backside, then through a number of the branches, securing it.

The sections of the greenery I had just popped off, but if they don’t, you’ll need a wire cutter. I hot glued the stem to the wreath and then placed it where I thought it needed some green accents.

I also removed the leaves from a few of the flower stems and added those with the eucalyptus for some more greenery.

Use hot-glue to attach the metal cross, if you can’t find a metal one, try a wooden cutout cross.



  1. The Easter lily wreath is lovely! I hope to find the same lilies and cross that you used to make one like yours. Thank you for sharing this idea!

  2. Going to try a wreath..The Easter lily one

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