Easter Lilly Dollar Tree Wreath

Easter Lilly Dollar Tree Wreath

This DIY Craft shows you how to take Easter Lilly's and make a seasonal Easter Wreath. This wreath is also ideal for springtime and is made using items from the dollar tree.

What you need

Grapevine wreath (mine was 18 inches and I got it with a coupon from Joann)
4 bunches of Easter lilies from dollar tree
1 bunch of foliage (mine was like a eucalyptus) from Dollar Tree
Metal Cross (dollar tree)  or wooden cross (optional)
Hot Glue gun
Zip ties



Easter is a time of renewal and new beginnings, and what better way to celebrate the season than by creating your own festive wreath for your front door? This DIY craft tutorial shows you how to make an Easter Lilly wreath using items from the Dollar Tree. The wreath is not only perfect for Easter, but also for springtime in general.

The Easter Lilly is a symbol of purity, virtue, and life, and is often associated with the resurrection of Jesus. This beautiful flower is a popular choice for Easter decorations and makes for a stunning wreath. The wreath is easy to make and requires only a few basic supplies, all of which can be found at your local dollar store.

You will need a wreath form, a hot glue gun, scissors, a bundle of Easter Lilly’s, and some ribbon or twine to hang the wreath. The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the wreath, including how to attach the flowers to the wreath form and how to add a ribbon or twine for hanging.

This wreath is perfect for those who want to add a touch of springtime to their home without spending a lot of money. The wreath is easy to make and can be completed in a short amount of time. It’s a great craft project for both adults and children and is sure to be enjoyed by all.

In addition to being a beautiful decoration, this wreath also makes a great gift. You can make one for yourself and one for a friend or family member. It’s a thoughtful and personal way to show someone you care, and is sure to be appreciated.

Overall, this DIY Easter Lilly wreath is a simple and beautiful way to add a touch of spring to your home. It’s a great craft project for both adults and children and is sure to be enjoyed by all. So gather your supplies and get started on creating your own Easter Lilly wreath today!


To begin, remove all of the blooms from their stalks.

I used hot glue where the flower would meet the stem and firmly pressed it onto the grapevine to ensure it adhered; repeat with the remaining flowers until you have the desired look.

I then grabbed the zip tie and threaded it through the metal loop on the backside, then through a number of the branches, securing it.

The sections of the greenery I had just popped off, but if they don’t, you’ll need a wire cutter. I hot glued the stem to the wreath and then placed it where I thought it needed some green accents.

I also removed the leaves from a few of the flower stems and added those with the eucalyptus for some more greenery.

Use hot-glue to attach the metal cross, if you can’t find a metal one, try a wooden cutout cross.




  1. This is a beautiful wreath.
    If I wanted to make it so that I could change the wreath with the season could I just shorten the stems? Sticking them into the wreath with out hot glue?

  2. The Easter lily wreath is lovely! I hope to find the same lilies and cross that you used to make one like yours. Thank you for sharing this idea!

  3. Going to try a wreath..The Easter lily one

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