Twig Tree Canvas Art

Twig Tree Canvas Art

A great sensory activity. Make this twig tree canvas art, using twigs!

What you need

construction paper, glue gun, twigs, canvas


  1. Find or buy twigs (I was lucky enough to find a twig the exact shape of a tree )
  2. Cut leaves and flowers out of colored construction paper of your choice.
  3. Use a glue gun to attach leaves and flowers to twig tree.
  4. Attach to a canvas using the glue gun.

easy as that =]

have fun!


  1. its christmas eve, and i havnt found what to make my dad yet (i’m 12, and i always do hand made gifts) now, though, i wont be wondering anymore! this is a great, fun idea. i think, to suit the season better, im going to cut snowflakes and cover the tree with snow!!! thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Fantastic artwork. My daughter recently made 2 for gifts. Instead of the cut out leaves and flowers she used diamentes. One was an autumn tree with greean and autumnd couloured diamentes and the other a spring coloured tree. She painted the canvas first in a water colour was of blue and green along the bottom. they looked amazing.

  3. I have yet to try this out, but I adore the idea of this project and can’t wait to get started!! Thank you so much for posting it!

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