Double Pocket Invitations

Double Pocket Invitations

You can make these invitations to fit just about any occasion from a birthday, to a baby shower, or even a bridal shower or wedding. To switch up the them all you have to do is pick a different paper!

What you need

12 x 12 double sided scrapbook paper
bone folder and ruler
paper cutter or craft knife
glue runner or double side tape


Start by choosing a 12″ by 12″ double sided scrapbooking paper with an appropriately themed pattern or colors. The paper should be laying on your work surface with the side you wish to be the front of the card facing up.

Select the right paper

Score and fold the paper in half, both horizontally and vertically. I use a bone folder and a ruler to do all of my scoring and folding.

Score and fold paper

Cut across the crease in the left side of the paper only half way across to the middle. I used a craft knife but you can also use a paper cutter or some scissors.

Fold Paper

Next you will be folding the top left and bottom right corners of the paper inward. The bottom right should be folded clear to the middle point of the page. Use the bone folder to score and smooth out the fold. The top right corner should be folded down about 2-3″ from the corner. I folded mine a solid 3 inches inward.

More folding

Fold the top left hand side of the paper across so that it lays on top of the top rigth hand side. Use some double sided tape or adhesive runner to secure the paper in place.

Fold across and under

Fold the bottom left hand side of the paper underneath the right hand side. Fold the bottom right side corner up to meet the opposite edge and then fold the entire piece upward to complete the pocket invitation. Apply another piece of double sided tape or glue runner to hold this piece in place.

Fold Upwards

Now you can make your own invitations to place inside of the main pocket. You  can fit any flat or folded card up to 5.5 inches into the pockets. The second pocket is perfect for a response card, invitation map, or even a small party favor.

double pocket invitations

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