Dollar Tree Farmhouse Kitchen Stand

Dollar Tree Farmhouse Kitchen Stand

This craft tutorial shows you how to take simple dollar tree store supplies and hack them into a versatile storage rack or tiered rack for your kitchen

What you need

3 Dollar Tree Wooden boxes

Waverly White Chalk paint or whatever white paint you have on hand

2 Wooden Dollar Tree Arrows

Scissors (optional)

Hot Glue Gun/Hot Glue Sticks


Farmhouse styling is very popular right now and with this design you can cross over into beach, boho and hamptons. Take the base design and style it to suit your home decor.


Start by painting all 3 dollar tree wooden boxes 

Next remove the jute twine from the arrows, mine just slide out from the staples but you could use pliers or scissors

Next paint both sides of the wooden arrows.

Allow to dry for about an hour if not the hot glue won’t adhere to it

Next add hot glue to one side of each wooden box and add it to the wooden arrow. I decided to place the bottom one closer to the bottom of the arrow, the middle one in the middle and the top one almost all the way to the top of the arrows. 

Next add hot glue to the other side of the wooden boxes and add the wooden arrow

Style and enjoy!


  1. I wish you had shown a picture of the sides. There were so many pictures that were almost exactly alike of the front only. Great diy though. Very nice. Keep it up!

  2. Judith Willis says

    A great idea, not only for the kitchen but the craft room as well, and maybe use screws instead of glue for a more secure support.

  3. Rebecca Payne says

    I love this project.

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