Coffee and Cream Soap

Coffee and Cream Soap

Coffee soap looks great when presented in decorative coffee cups wrapped with cellophane.

What you need

4oz of glycerin or other melt and pour soap base/flakes
1 tbs of instant coffee or Ground Coffee
1 tsp powdered milk
10 drops coffee fragrance oil


Melt your soap down using Melt and Pour Soap base.  and using a double boiler method or at 30 second intervals in the microwave.  Once melted stir through your instant coffee or coffee grounds, powdered milk and coffee fragrance oil.

Pour the soap into a mold and allow to set as normal.

If you can not get coffee oil, use a little extra coffee to increase the scent.

Add ground coffee to the top of your soap (bottom of the mold) for a decorative


  1. but nobody really wants to smell like coffee!!!

  2. Made little cubes of this and put in pretty bag inside a big coffee mug for my coffee mad friend. She loved it and I kept a little piece for myself too!

  3. nice thanks
    greetings from egypt

  4. great i was looking for some more ideas as i make soap so often!


  6. I think it sounds like a great idea, but I can’t fully read the materials list.

  7. loved this recipe,i could just imagine seeing it.
    thanks so much

  8. I think cofee soap is verry cool!

  9. it looks good to me
    very good

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