DIY Terrarium Lamp

DIY Terrarium Lamp

This DIY Terrarium Lamp is a great project for small spaces. Adding a little light, and a little green and an easy way to brighten up your home. You will find that adding air plants and moss to your terrarium is the most minimalist of ways to care for plants. All you need to do is find a glass jug or clear container with a lid and glue the lamp stem to the top. This way, you can still remove the lid to have access to your plants.

What you need

Lamp kit (purchase at any hardware store)
Lamp shade
Light bulb
Clear glass container with removable lid
glue gun, or stronger glue such as E6000
Air plants
Small rocks
Small gems or minerals


Gather supplies:


1. Add sand and rocks


2) Add colorful moss to the background.


3. Add air plants and minerals or other decorations to the foreground of the landscape


4. Follow the instructions that accompany your lamp kit, assemble the lamp, and add the light bulb


5. Glue the base of the lamp to the top lid of your container. I used a hot glue gun, but you may want to use stronger bonding glue depending on your lid. I found the hot glue to be a little flimsy so I reinforced it using  stronger craft glue (E6000 glue).


6. Add your lamp shade


Place your new DIY lamp near a window or turn it on to give your plants some light.

terrarium_final terrarium_lamp_8

All done!



  1. Don’t the plants need air?

  2. This is so cool! I just got some air plants in Florida. The question I have is how do you mist them. Do you just take the top off each time?

  3. Janice Chrostoski says

    I would love to make one. It is beautiful.

  4. I like it . Looks real easy

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