Bendy Pipecleaner Dolls

Bendy Pipecleaner Dolls

DIY HOW TO make bendy dolls, dollmaking, crafts for kids. Make these delightful dolls with a few felt scraps, some pipe cleaners, and some yarn!

What you need

pipe cleaners
white glue


  1.  Form pipe cleaners into a figure (arms, body, legs).
  2.  Wrap all the pipe cleaners with yarn.
  3. See a how to demo here:

With a scrap of fabric or felt, form the head by shaping a small circle.

In another video at the same channel as the doll making instructions, you will find another video on how to make felt clothing for your Bendy Dolls.


  1. Marlene Grayson says

    So cute, I plan to show this to my doll club and see if the gals want to make some, for a project.

  2. April Stars says

    Great project, I remember using these when I was a kid.

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