Spring Burlap Door Banner

Spring Burlap Door Banner

Welcome Spring with this DIY burlap door banner. A perfect alternative to a wreath!

What you need

Burlap, Ribbon, Sewing Machine, Paint/Paint Markers, Paint Brushes, Felt, Scissors, Hot Glue


1. Cut your burlap into a 16″x23″ rectangle. Cut a 4″x16 triangle out of the bottom edge to give the burlap a banner shape.

2. Zigzag stitch around the 2 sides and the bottom edges with your sewing machine to prevent fraying. Cut a 16″ piece of ribbon. Place it over the top edge and stitch it down.

3. Cut 2 6″ pieces of ribbon. Fold them in half to make loops, pin them on the backside of the top edge of your banner, and sew them down.


4. Cut out about 10 circles from different colored felt. My largest circles were 7″ and my small circles about 4″.

5. Cut your circles into spirals.

6. Starting on the outside edge, Begin rolling up your spiral, using hot glue to secure it where necessary.

7. Roll up your felt until you have a nice little rose and glue the end to the bottom of the flower.

8. Glue your flowers to the top of your banner, just below the ribbon.

9. Using acrylic paint and a paint brush OR a paint marker, Write out your word in the center of your banner.


All done. Hello Spring!


  1. Suzi Bay says

    Really nice. Thanks

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