Baby Shower – Bundle Of Joy Card

Baby Shower – Bundle Of Joy Card

This is a very cute card for someone who recently had a baby, or is about to have a baby.

What you need

5 x 7 white greeting card with envelope
5 x 7 decorated green with black polka dots paper
1 x 7 black paper
Craft stick glue
3.5 x 3.5 black with polka dots paper
2.5 x 3 dark green paper
Black ink pad
“Bundle of Joy” stamp
Green with polka dots ribbon 5″ long (plus the bow)


To start making this card, lay out your card vertically and glue the decorated green with black polka dots paper onto the card. Next, glue the black strip of paper on the left hand side, about 1″ inch away from the edge.

Now, begin layering the dark green paper on top of the black with polka dots and glue.

Once you have done that, stamp the words “Bundle of Joy” onto the green paper. Be careful to not smudge the ink.

And last, using your ribbon, tie a bow in the center and glue the ribbon directly onto the card towards the bottom.


  1. Gr8!
    Really a joy to make this card.

  2. Awesome

  3. Denise E. Waldner says

    wow i love this card..great job!

  4. I LOVE it!! Such a cute Baby Boy Card!!! *High 5*

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