DIY Country Scarecrow Fall Wreath

DIY Country Scarecrow Fall Wreath

This wreath has a country style to it with its scraggy scarecrow.

What you need

Wreath base
Plastic fall leaves
pumpkin picks
Hot glue/ Craftglue


This Fall wreath is very cute and so easy to make, you can easily use items from the Dollar store, Dollar tree or discount stores. This tutorial uses a country styled scarecrow

For this tutorial, you could use craft glue or hot glue depending on what you have on hand.

This project has leaves scattered across the wicker wreath but you can design your layout how you so wish.

I like to attach the biggest leaves first as a base layer. Do this with a dab of glue on the stem and back of the leaf.

Attach the smaller leaves inside the bigger leaves for a nesting effect or scatter around the wreath depending on your preference. This wreath contains some mini pumpkins and sunflowers too.

This stunning wreath was created by Heather. K who is a member of our Facebook Christmas craft group. Thanks for sharing with us Heather.


What do you think of this project? Let us know!