Book Page Christmas Tree Topiary

Book Page Christmas Tree Topiary

Recycle an old encyclopedia or book into this Christmas Tree Topiary!

What you need

Old book
Medium-sized clay pot
3-4 inch pape maiche star
6 inch floral foam ball
12 inch wooden dowel
Green floral moss
Ribbon (optional)
Hot glue


1. Place the floral foam ball in the bottom of the clay pot and push the wooden dowel down into the foam about 1 inch deep.


2. Cover the top of the foam with floral moss.


3. Cut book pages into large to small varying sizes. The largest pieces should be around 10-12 inches and the smallest pieces should be around 3 inches. tompiary4a 4. Beginning with the largest pieces, slide book pages onto the dowel, turning the pages as you go so that the corners of the pages are not lined up. topiary4b5. Continue sliding book pages onto the wooden dowel,working largest to smallest, until about 1 inch from the top of the dowel. topiary66. Glue the paper mache star to the top. Add ribbons if desired. topiary7topiary finalphoto All done!


  1. Wendy Terrill says

    This is so sweet and clever. Thanks.

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