Dish Cloth/Towel Britches

Dish Cloth/Towel Britches

This dish cloth or dish towel craft project is great for fundraisers and craft stalls.

What you need

2 Dish clothes
Darning needle (depends on open weave of cloths)


Start by folding the the two dishcloths in half, side by side, with the open part facing each other.

Use some ribbon to sew/weave the top of the pants by sewing all the way across the pants at one end. This is to make the waist band about a 1/2 inch from the top.

Pull it slightly to gather the waistband and make it ruffled. Make sure you sew/weave through all the layers.

Take the ribbon and tie 3 bows down the middle to form the gusset of the pants, a simple in and out of each side of the pant legs will be fine.

Then place two bows at the bottom of each towel to form the pant legs. Sew/weave the ribbon at the bottom of each pant leg to form a hem around 1/2 inch from the end of the cloth then pull it till it gathers the pant leg to form a ruffle.

Print or write out this poem and attach it to the pants.


Now don’t get excited,
Don’t be misled.
These aren’t for you,
but your dishes instead.
Just pull on the bow,
take out the stitches,
You’ve gained two dishcloths
but lost your britches!


  1. my old nan Eva Fanny Hull made these about 65 years ago but she used flannels instead.AND THE DITTY WENT THESE ARENT FOR WEARING BUT FOR WASHING INSTEAD. VICKI

  2. Karen Randow says

    What size cloth do u recommend. I bought dish towels and they seem too long not like your picture. What size do you recommend and any tips on the fabric. I’m tempted to buy bar mops. Don’t know why I’m having such problems

  3. I have looked for this for over aweek…I look forward to making dishcloths for christmas gifts with this poem…ty so much… ruby

  4. Debra Adams says

    I made these years ago. Thank you so much, I couldn’t remember how I did it. It also came with a dishcloth shirt. Do you by any chance have the directions for the top? Thank you

  5. Love it very clever

  6. These are just too cute and I’m going to make some for my friends gift bags. Thanks for a great idea.

  7. that is the cutties thing have to make

  8. I have a pair of these i bought at a craft show over 10 years ago!

  9. I have made these for craft fairs and they always sell out!

  10. I love the poem and the dish towel britches. this was a wonderful idea, and can be a gift for any holiday.

  11. What a great idea for a kitchen tea.

  12. thank you, great pattern, I love it

  13. I have searched numerous times for this pattern and poem…and here it is…thank you

  14. whoo hoo! so freaking cute, LOVE IT! 2 thumbs up 4 creativity!

  15. very crafty idea

  16. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. cool

  18. just loved it and I made several and they are so popular. I wrote a poem to go with them. also made a dishcloth shirt. thanks so much


  20. read the poem mackie13…It’s a cute way to present dishcloths as a gift..not undies to wear.

  21. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    mackie ud wash em first!!!loved it so cute!

  22. Witty, Quick & fun craft-gift! Thanks! Cynthia

  23. Very cute idea!

  24. I just love those!!

  25. Toooo cute!
    I would love to make this.

  26. mackie13 says

    why would you want to make undewear out of dishclothes!NASTY!!!!!!!!

  27. I got one of these from a friend and love it, still have it after several moves and many years, but this is the first time I have seen the “recipe” for it. Thanks

  28. Neat!

  29. very cute and useful

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