Make A Cardboard Tube Didgeridoo

Make A Cardboard Tube Didgeridoo

Use cardboard tubes to recreate the Australian aboriginal Didgeridoo wind instrument.

What you need

Cardboard Tubes
Acrylic Paints


Use cardboard tubes from the kitchen. Use paper towel inserts, cling wrap tubes or even several toilet roll tubes taped together.

Take the cardboard tube and paint it one solid color. You could use white, black or red.

Pour the paint out onto a tray and then using their fingers or a small wooden stick the children can begin to paint the toilet roll using dot patterns. These are used in traditional aboriginal designs. (dot paintings).

Tell Aboriginal dream time stories to help get the kids into the theme of this project. You could also do some hand paintings for this lesson plan

To play your didgeridoo, blow air through the tube using the vibrations from your throat to create different sounds.

If you are having trouble learning how to play try your local library for instructions.


  1. its a fun idea for little kids even if it doesn’t last.

  2. making a pvc pipe didg is more engaging for the children, anyone really, and won’t disintegrate when wet

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