Decoupage Beads

Decoupage Beads

This free jewelry making projects shows you how to decoupage plain beads into fancy original bead creations.

What you need

Diamond Glaze or Clear Varnish
Paper shapes or stickers
Paint brush
white craft glue
Flat beads to suit your images


Start by cutting our your design for your bead. This flower is from light weight Scrapbooking paper.

Glue the paper down onto the bead using white craft glue (that dries clear) such as modge podge etc. You can also use a thin coat of clear varnish to stick the image down.

Allow it to dry completely before applying several coats of the diamond glaze or clear varnish.

The more layers of varnish the smoother the finish.

You can also decoupage large beads to create original pendants.


  1. i make something like this with napkin and love it!
    biljana, serbia

  2. this is neat, but would take a while to make a bracelet or necklace.

  3. kind of tacky

  4. This is a cool idea. Thank you!

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