How To Knit A Baby Hat That Is Quick And Easy

A pattern for a baby hat that is quick and easy and a very simple pattern. You will be creating hats for your grandbabies in no time at all! This hat literally takes only 10-15 minutes to do. Have fun knitting!

How To Knit A Baby Hat That Is Quick And Easy

What you need

Size 3 3/4 mm (4 U.S) needles
Baby weight yarn

Pattern By: Lisa Vienneau, Nov 2000


Cast on 70 sts.

Work in garter st for 3/4″.

Next Row: (k4, inc 1 st in next st), repeat to the last 5 sts, k5. 83 sts. Continue garter st until piece measures 5″.

Start decreasing as follows:
Row1: K 10, k2tog repeat to last 11, k to end. 77sts
Row 2 and every other row: Knit.
Row3: K2tog, k 10, repeat to last 5sts, k2tog, k to end. 70sts
Row5: K6, k2tog repeat to last 6, knit to end. 62sts
Row7: K2tog, k 6, repeat to last 4sts, k to end. 54sts
Row9: K4, k2tog. 45sts
Row11: K2tog, k4 repeat to last 3, k2tog, k last st. 37sts
Row13: K2tog repeat to last st, k1.
Repeat Row 13 till 5sts remain. Break off yarn leaving enough to thread last 5 sts,

And sew up back seam. Roll or Fold up brim.

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  1. The last delivery I made to the hospital was 50 preemie hats and 10 regular newborn. Do a bunch of Sunday afternoon ‘doodles’ and please some mothers, nurses and even babies this year.

  2. I knit. Just for fun. This baby hat is a doddle. A Sunday afternoon thingy. But it s nice to see it standing tall and waiting for the little head it may keep warm.k

  3. Can I send you a photo? It was so much fun? Thank you.

  4. What age (months) does this hat fit?

  5. Am I the only one who needs to know how much yarn?

  6. Deborah Crumpton says

    Made this in a couple of hours but replaced the body of the hat with stocking stitch. Worked fine, going to adjust it for a thicker yarn for the winter.

  7. Please can you tell me what you mean by baby weight yarn? Would I be right with 4 ply?

  8. The baby isnt here for me to measure i havent met him yas yet, so would you think this would fit a 4month old?

  9. ellen nelson says

    wonderful, how do I print the instructions to make the chickie hat?

  10. Lynn Heatwole says

    This sounded great and easy. Our church helps with the homeless in out community so I felt that this project would help them this winter.

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