Cucumber and Aloe Loofah Soap

Cucumber and Aloe Loofah Soap

These soaps look great sliced up from blocks. Use tube or cartons for a nice log.

What you need

3 oz (85g) melt and pour soap base
1 Sliced Loofah
15 drops cucumber fragrance oil
1 Tbs Aloe Vera gel
Green soap mica Coloring
Soap Mold any shape


You can also use individual molds by pushing the pieces of loofah into the mold before pouring the melted Melt and Pour Soap base. A square mold was used in this photo.

Use the melt and pour soap making recipe to make this fragrant soap.


  1. sweetpea_only says

    Fun project. Would make a nice gift basket with lots of other fruit like soaps.

  2. If you read the melt and pour instructions you won’t need more help.. Great Project Thanks

  3. Don’t you think that a little more detailed instructions might be nice????

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