Crystal Bridal Bracelet

Crystal Bridal Bracelet

A beautiful bridal bracelet to add that DIY touch to your wedding!

What you need

5 – 14mm Platinum Swarovski Pearls
2 – 6mm Platinum Swarovski Pearls
5 – Large Crystal Swarovski Disc Pendants
4 – Crystal Swarovski Briolette Beads
4 – Crystal Swarovski Ring Beads
5 – Crystal Swarovski Graphic Cube Beads
7 – 5X5mm Vintage Rose Swarovski Bi-Cone Beads
2 – Silver-plated Crystal Crimp Beads
Stainless steel Soft-flex wire
1 – Silver plated Toggle Clasp
1 – Crimping Pliers


1.) Decide on the length of your bracelet.  You can easily do this by taking your beading wire and wrapping it around your wrist.  (When measuring your length, remember that adding a clasp will require an additional half inch!)

2.)  Follow the pattern you see in the picture to string your beads onto your wire, making sure you have a crimp bead at each end.

3.) Wrap the ends of your bracelet around the Toggle Clasp’s hooks and then back thru the crimp bead.

4.) Use your Pliers to flatten the crimp beads and secure the Toggle Clasp onto the bracelet!

5.) Wear your amazing new bracelet!


  1. you used some very pretty components, but i think the crystals would look better with a white or black background, with more light shining on them…also, when making a bracelet that chunky, you should be careful when measuring the length of the wire… those are minor things though, otherwise this is a very nice, though expensive! project.

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