Pumpkin Lollipop Cover

Pumpkin Lollipop Cover

These are great for party favors for kids of all ages. Make these covers for your lollipops and kids will have great fun at Halloween.

What you need

Orange Fabric or Felt
Black Felt or Cardstock
Black Ribbon


Using scissors cut out a square 25 cm x 25 cm from your fabric or felt.

Take your lollipop and place it into the centre of the fabric and wrap it up. Secure with an elastic band and then tie the ribbon around the bottom.

You should now have a wrapped lollipop.

Using pieces of black felt or cardstock add the face. You need 3 triangles and a mouth.

Glue them on and you are finished!

If you are making these in a group or just making a lot of these you might want to use a orange crepe paper instead of the fabric as that will be much more cost effective.


  1. fun and easy for scout groups

  2. cute, cute

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