Craft Stick Earrings

Craft Stick Earrings

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What you need

Craft sticks, (popsicle sticks)
Paints (colors of your choice)
Fine Point permanent marker
Brushes, toothpick, clear varnish, or clear nail polish
Jewelry wire
Pliars, round nose
Ear wires, small beads if desired


This Jewelry making project shows you how to make unique earrings using simple jewelry making techniques and craft sticks.

1. Using a pair of strong scissors, or a razor knife, cut lengths of craft sticks, making sure they are the same length. About 1 inch is good, or whatever size you desire.

2. Dilute your paints to make a stain. Use brown for a wood stain, white for a lighter stain. Paint all edges and surfaces of the craft sticks. Allow to dry, then add details to your pieces. Below are the 5 different variations shown:

1. Brown with permanent black marker line details. Refer to the pattern, or add details of your own.

2. Animal Print: Using a small round brush, or another craft stick, dip into black paint and apply two wavy lines of paint onto earring piece. When dry, add a metallic gold line on each side of the black line.

3. Polka Dots on white. Using the wood end of a paint brush, dip into black paint and apply dots onto a white painted piece. Then repeat with brown paint. Then add a few smaller dots with a toothpick.

4. White Aztec Design: Using a fine point permanent marker, apply lines according to the pattern.

5. Pink Spattered Earrings: Paint sticks pink, then spatter with blue, and then with white. For all pieces, when dry, varnish with clear varnish. Refer to the pattern to view the method for wrapping with wire. Attach to ear wires, and enjoy!


  1. very very lovely earring… brilliant idea

  2. I personally think this project is very cute and for all ages. It looks easy to make, but its not cheesy like other projects! Thanks! i might even make a necklace to go along with it!

  3. This is great information. It doesn’t have to be a craft stick, you can wire wrap almost anything that is rectangular, using this method. Thanks for the pictoral tutor…

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