Cornhusk Flowers

Cornhusk Flowers

Cornhusk flowers are beautiful any time of year, but they can be especially nice to make as the summer season comes to an end.

What you need

Large pan to soak cornhusks
Warm water
Paper towels
Iron and ironing board
Light cardboard scraps
Sharp scissors
Pinking shears
Fabric dye and non-staining bowl (if you want colored flowers)
#32 gauge wire
Floral tape
Curling iron (optional)


If you grew corn in your garden during the summer, try saving some of the dried husks so that you can make these pretty flowers. The dry husks from store-bought Indian corn can also be used. Or, if you have a farm nearby, ask if you can have some of the dried husks for this craft. If all else fails, most large craft supply stores sell packages of corn husks that are dried, flattened and ready to go.

1.    Start by soaking the cornhusks in a pan of warm water for two or three minutes. Remove and blot with a paper towel. Keep wrapped in the damp towel to keep them moist.

2.    If you want to dye the cornhusks to make colored flowers, dissolve fabric dye in a non-staining bowl according to the package directions. Soak the cornhusks in the dye until the desired color is achieved. Then, lay flat on a protected surface to dry.

3.    Protect the ironing board surface and the iron, especially if you’ve dyed the cornhusks. Then iron the husks with a warm iron until they are flat and dry.

4.    Draw petal-shaped templates on the cardboard and cut out. Make the base of the petal a little longer than needed, since you’ll need the extra length to wire the petals to the stem. Trace the template multiple times onto the cornhusk with a pencil, making sure the grain of the cornhusks is kept aligned with the length of the petals.

5.    Cut the petals out using sharp scissors. Use the pinking shears if desired to add an interesting edge to the petals.

6.    Cut a few short rectangular piece of cornhusk, which will be used for the center of the flower. Trim the ends with pinking shears to add visual interest.

7.    Cut a piece of wire about two feet long. Fold it in half. Place the short rectangular pieces of cornhusk at the bend in the wire, and twist together. Fluff the edges to form the flower center.

8.    Using a second piece of wire, start attaching the individual flower petals one at a time by wrapping wire around the stem and the petal. Arrange the petals in an attractive fashion around the center of the flower. Keep adding petals until the flower is as full as you want.

9.    Cut some leaves out of the cornhusk, again making them a little longer than normal so that you can wire them to the stem. Using another piece of wire, attach the leaves at the desired position on the stem.

10.    If desired, use a warm curling iron to add a bit of curl to the petals and leaves.

11.    Wrap the base of the flower head and the stem with florist wire.

12.    Arrange your cornhusk flowers in a vase and enjoy.

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  1. These are gorgeous!! They will be perfect accents on the corn husk wreats that I make

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