Sun Burn Relief Soap

Sun Burn Relief Soap

Aloe Vera soothes the skin and replenishes the vital nutrients in the skin. Use this to make a burn relief soap that is good to use everyday.

What you need

4 ounces (110gms)of grated soap or melt and pour soap base
2 tbs of Aloe Vera gel
15 drops of Evening primrose oil
25 Drops of Rosehip oil



Just use the process described in the Melt and pour Soap using these ingredients to make this soap.

melt the Melt and Pour Soap base using the methods shown in the above article. Then add the extra ingredients listed above.

I came up with this soap because I have fair skin and burn easily, I needed a solution for my own skin to help relieve the discomfort of sunburn at home.

Use normally instead of your regular soap to relieve sunburn.

For extra comfort, I suggest using pure rosehip oil after showering to soak into the skin. Rosehip oil adds moisture takes the redness out of your burn and stops the stinging too.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!