Christmas Santa Sewing Pattern

Christmas Santa Sewing Pattern

This free sewing project shows you how to create an adorable Santa cushion. It is perfect for snuggling up next to whilst you sing Christmas carols or use it for a decoration or Christmas gift.

What you need

1/2 meter of white polar fleece and a small amount of red polar fleece.
A small amount of toy filling or wadding.
Scrap pieces of red / white / green / flesh and black felt.
White Pom Pom
Sewing supplies
Craft Glue


Start by printing off the Santa Pillow Pattern.

Cut out 2 oval pieces in white fleece.  I cut mine 46 cm in length and 34 cm wide but you can make yours any size you like.

Cut the top off your oval.  Check the diagram in the pattern for directions. Cut out a strip in white for the hat band. Do this by measuring the top of your body (where the hat will sit) and double it in length and then make it approximately 12 cm wide . Set aside for later.

Cut out your felt pieces – use your diagram  for directions.

Stitch all your pieces together leaving out the mustache, this has to go on later. You can either hand sew or machine sew.

Once you have stitched the face pieces into place, you can stitch the face onto the body. Stitch the mustache into place so that the ends come over onto the body. Again, use the picture as a guide.

Now stitch the red top piece (hat) to the body – both front and back.

Making sure you have your pieces lined up stitch them together leaving a gap for filling with Toy Filling or Wadding .

Turn right side out and fill with toy fill. Make sure it is nice and firm. Now sew the gap closed.

Sew the two ends of you hat band together to make a circle. With the seam on the outside fold the ends in and make a tube. Stitch the long edge together.

This seam will be on the underside when stitched to the hat . Line it up so it covers the join of the hat and body .

I put holly leaves on my hat but it is entirely your choice.

That’s it – It’s easy. Have fun.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!