Felt Wine Bag

Felt Wine Bag

This quick Christmas craft is very easy to make and a great alternative to taking a wine bottle in a paper bag.

What you need

11.5 inch square (30cm square) piece of felt for main section
4 inch circle (10cm) for base
Embroidery thread
Red felt scraps
Craft glue
Small Christmas Soft toy


Start by taking your 11.5 inch square and sewing the long ends together to form a tube. This project is stitched together with big rustic stitches using matching embroidery thread.

Take the circle and using your craft glue, glue it onto one end of the tube. This will become your base. For extra strength you can add some decorative stitches to the base too.

For the HO HO sign, simply cut out your letters and embroider around the edges with a running stitch with a contrasting color, but you can skip this step and just glue the letters onto the bag. You can even buy ready cut felt letters if you are feeling super lazy.

felt wine bag closeup

The soft toy adds some fun dimension and they can be found in most discount stores as little children’s toys or even as tree ornaments.

Just find one suitable for your bag and then using craft glue stick it to the bag. You could even glue on a small beanie bear or something similar.

Now simply place your wine bottle into the bag and you have a very decorative gift.


  1. These “wine” bags are great for other gifts, too. Candles. Pretty soaps…anything that will fit into the bag!

  2. It’s really cool!

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