Christmas Card With 3 Tree Ornaments

Christmas Card With 3 Tree Ornaments

This card is fairly simple to do, it may look hard but it's really not.

What you need

5 x 7 white folded greeting card with envelope
5 x 7 red cardstock paper
3 green paper cut into rhombus’s
3 white paper cut into rhombus’s
2 7″ white thin ribbon
Craft stick glue
4 green corners
3 decorated 3D Christmas ornaments


Begin by gluing the red paper onto the greeting card. Next you may glue the 2 white strips of ribbon across the card, going horizontally.

Glue the green corners onto the card, one on each corner. Glue the green rhombus’s on top of the white rhombus’s.

You may now glue them onto the card. And last, place your 3 ornaments onto the rhombus’s, one on each.


  1. Anyone have any ideas for christmas cards with your family photo included, also where do you get the good card and envelops??

  2. This card is GORGEOUS!!! I love it!!!

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