Christmas Candle

Christmas Candle

We get numerous requests from non-crafty visitors to jazz up their candles for the Christmas table. This is one simple way.

What you need

Christmas Ribbon
Store Bought Candle


Take your Christmas ribbon and tie it around the candle into a wonderful bow. If you find the ribbon keeps slipping you can use a small dress making pin to secure it by pushing it through the ribbon and into the candle.

Do this under one of the loops so it can not be seen.

The more beautiful your ribbon the more beautiful the finish….

They are also great for Christmas fundraising stalls.


  1. Very simple, but effective

  2. too easy but i’m still making it!

  3. How very true. We all need to be reminded of the obvious sometimes! I think I’ll do a couple of these, just because they are so easy!

  4. I think it is a great project,it is a perfect stocking filler.

  5. Simple but sweet. Jazzes up candles nicely on the table, thanks for sharing it!!!!!

  6. what, i did this when i was like 12!

  7. Simple and Awesome! Great for my mom LOL

  8. Many of you only see this as a boring project only cause you cannot come up with something more yourself. Use your imagination and make it better yourself they are only giving you a hand up. not a hand out. its a great way to say happy holidays.

  9. The comments for this project are not very nice, you do realise not everyone is creative and they just need ideas. I think its a lovely project and can be given as is,or placed in a gift basket.

  10. This is a great way to personalize boring candles, and great for all ages. Thanks I am off to make some for stocking fillers.

  11. You’re kidding, right?

  12. its awesome

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