Christmas Brooch: Felt Santa

Christmas Brooch: Felt Santa

Make a lovely gift this Christmas. A felt Santa brooch with the free pattern that we have provided.

What you need

Felt Scraps
Brooch Pin
Marker Pen
White pom pom


Print the pattern below to a suitable size and cut your pieces out of felt.

Santa Felt Pattern.

Use the picture as a color guide.

Lay you lower pieces of the body flat, glue your face on. Next is the hat and the hat band.

Check the picture for the beard placement.

Glue on the arms and don’t forget the sleeve cuff in white.

Position the belt and place the gold buckle into place.

Add a circle of skin tone felt for the nose and draw the face on with the marker pen. Use a small scrap of red for the mouth.

Glue on the shoes and cuff.

Finish off by gluing the tall piece of body onto the back. Glue or sew the brooch back into place.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!