Christmas Boxes

Christmas Boxes

Make some little Christmas boxes for gifts, hanging on the tree or for placing potpourri in.

What you need

Paper Mache Boxes
Small Christmas trinkets
Craft blade (optional)


Decorate your boxes with ribbons and flat back ornaments. In this project we used plastic angels.

You can also cut away some of the lid of a box and using glue, secure a small piece of lace over the hole (on the inside).

Then fill the box with potpourri.

All done!


  1. My sister and i made this for our mom and our mom loved it!

  2. cute little charms ……..<3 <3 <3

  3. Nicely Done,,, 🙂

  4. yah., hope you give the step by step on how to do this paper mache,,, tnx!

  5. how’d you make the paper mache? step by step tutorial would be cool.

  6. AWSOME!!! XD

  7. great

  8. awesome! These are really really fun to make! Every1 loves them!

  9. I’m 12, almost 13. I’ve used this site for ideas on presents for over a year. When I make the gifts evry1 likes them. Thanks Craftbits:)

  10. Easy to make and fun! Even though i am 10 years old I love it.

  11. This idea is good for putting gifts into. Even though i am 10 years old I love it.

  12. hey, this site is great, i am 13 and i love it, so many good gift ideas!!

  13. p3destrian says


  14. i so agree with you.
    i’m also 10 (almost 11) if u like craftbits a lot (like me) u can be a member for FREE

  15. i’m 10 (nearly 11!) and this web site is great! I was looking on this site for x-mas gifts for my family and i could put the gifts in these boxs! and then wrap them.

  16. Very easy and ideal

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