Buttoned Up Card

Buttoned Up Card

This is a nice country style card and is perfect for adding sweet little sayings to loved ones. It is also a great card to give crafters and quilters.

What you need

White cardboard
Tartan fabric
2 green buttons
2 red buttons
2 cream buttons
Craft glue


To make this card take your white cardboard and fold it into your chosen card size.

We used heavy tartan fabric and frayed it at the edges then glued it onto the card,

Centre your first button in the middle of the card at the top and then lay out the other buttons either side. Secure them with glue and place the bottom row of buttons onto the card.

Using a small strand of raffia, tie a neat bow and glue it onto the fabric.


  1. cute card it needs more color

  2. England scottish card

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