Brown Paper Bag Scrapbook Album – Basic

Brown Paper Bag Scrapbook Album – Basic

This brown paper bag scrapbook album is a great recycled look for your scrapbook albums and shows you how to make a basic album as a base for your own designed scrapbooks.

What you need

Non Gusseted Lunch Bags or Brown paper bags
String or Cord
Hole Punch


This brown paper bag scrapbook album uses non gusseted lunch bags which can be found in supermarkets in the food packaging sections.

Brown paper bags without gussets are quite lightweight which means your album will not have the same bulk as a traditional gusseted brown paper bag album.

Fold the bags bottom

Fold the bags bottom

Start by folding each of your bags 1 inch (2.5 cm) in from the bottom. This will create a strong spine for your album.

Stacked Brown Paper Bags

Stacked Brown Paper Bags


Stacked Brown Paper Bags Another View

Stacked Brown Paper Bags Another View

Stack all your bags together to form the album, making sure they are aligned together.

Punch the holes

Punch the holes

Next mark out your holes for punching. If you use a metal hole punch that requires you to hit it with a hammer you can punch multiple bags at one time, making the process much faster.

If you want your scrapbook album to be more durable and stable you can include a cardboard front cover and back cover.

Binding your scrapbook album

There are many different ways to bind a brown paper bag album. You can use ribbons and tie bows, cords and tie knots or you can bind it in a more traditional book binding way as we have done here.

Bind the album with rope

Bind the album with rope


Take your string or cord and thread it through the holes, looping under each hole to form a blanket stitch style.

To finish off the binding we simply threaded it back through each of the loops. You can bind your scrapbook album however you want, it really is a simple method and there are no rules as such. Just make sure it is loose enough to turn your pages.

Once your album is bound you can begin creating your scrapbook.

Please note:

While the majority of scrapbook supplies and papers are considered acid and lignin free, paper bags are not. So please make sure you use duplicate photos when making this project. Non-digital photos can easily be color copied or scanned and printed in a copy store or photo lab.

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    3. friend’s idea: you can use eyelets to bind the pages together if you don’t want all the ribbons or cords at the spine.

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