No-Sew Apron in a Jar

No-Sew Apron in a Jar

This apron in a jar makes the perfect gift for you friend! Even better is that it doesn't require any sewing!

What you need

Canvas apron, iron ons, iron, ribbon, fabric glue, paper scrap, mason jar


1. Following the instructions on your iron on packaging, place your iron ons onto the center of your apron, and use your iron to transfer them.





2. Cut out a 4″ heart from pink felt and use fabric glue to adhere it onto the top center of your apron.



3. Cut out 2 pieces of ribbon the width of your apron and use fabric glue to adhere them over the top edge of the pockets.



4. Trace the mason jar lid Β onto a piece of patterned paper, cut it out and adhere on top of the lid.


5. To make a bow to decorate your jar:

1. Cut a 5″ piece of ribbon.

2. Fold the edges in and adhere them down.

3. Cut a 2″ piece of ribbon. Adhere on end to the bow.

4. Wrap the 2″ piece around, pleating your first ribbon and adhereing the end back onto the backside of the bow.

IMG_4837 IMG_4838 IMG_4839 IMG_4840

6. Wrap a piece of ribbon around your your jar, adhering the ends on the backside. Adhere the bow on top of the ribbon.


7. Roll up your apron (once the fabric glue is dry) and place it inside the jar. You can even fill it with other goodies before you give it to a friend- recipes, candy, etc!


All done! What do you think of this gift idea?



  1. What a lovely idea πŸ™‚ I have friends with Birthdays coming up and these will be perfect πŸ™‚

  2. Cute idea. Gals, just buy an apron at a craft store and go from there.

  3. Wish there had been an adult apron option as well…

  4. think the gift would have been better if the apron was made also. All you would need is a pillow case or a kitchen/hand towel, fold back 2 corners trim and sew a hem. then get some tape or ribbon attach a loop for the head and the ties then you can add iron on things or even jazz it up with some beads from a broken neckless. πŸ™‚ that is what I do

  5. tammy. chance says

    I love home made gifts, this is so cute!!!

  6. Cute !!

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