Christmas Wall Art – Chopping Board Hack

Christmas Wall Art – Chopping Board Hack

This Christmas craft project shows you how to hack a chopping board to create a rustic Christmas piece of wall art.

What you need

Chopping Board
Joy Letters (k-mart)
Craft Glue
Beaded Edging
Wire for hanging
Craft Glue
Evergreen Foliage
Christmas bells or similar



This tutorial uses a round chopping board bought from K-mart store in Australia, you can use any kind of chopping board to complete this look.

Start by edging the board with gold beading , you can purchase gold beading at discount stores or craft supply stores.  For this tutorial, a hot glue gun was used but you could use a clear craft glue or E6000 Craft Glue 

Next using the ribbon create your bow as shown in the pictures, you can of course purchase a large gold box ready made.

Now to layer the top, add your JOY letters and greenery. to the top, You want to lay it flat on a table so that it can fit flat against the wall once it is complete. Lay the greenery from the middle out, left and right as shown in the picture.  Finish off with your bow. This project has large ball bells added too.

Finish it off by attaching some wire for hanging.


This Christmas k-mart hack was contributed by Sandy P. Thanks so much for sharing Sandy, we love how you took a plain item and turned it into something so creative and festive.




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