Bedspread To A Table Cloth

Bedspread To A Table Cloth

If you have a wrong size tablecloth or bedspread that is screaming from the cupboard to be used— here is your how to!

What you need

Wrong size table cloth
Sewing machine


My mom the other day thought that she didn’t need a big rectangle of a kitchen tablecloth— but a round one. So, do you know what she did? She dug around in her closet and found an older not being used bedspread. That’s right bedspread…and chopped it right up and made herself a custom tablecloth. Just what she wanted.

It really is pretty simple when you think about it. You will need:

Close-up of the bedspread– nicely dense quilt pattern. Thin, not puffy. Perfect for a tablecloth!

Table Cloth

* bedspread or tablecloth

* scissors

* sewing machine or serger

* string

Step 1:

Take that string and tape one end to the center of the table. The table we are customizing is a round one……directions would be different for other shapes. Pull that string down over the edge to the length that you would like it. We pulled it just past the bottom of the table edge so it draped nicely. Cut the string at this length.

Step 2:

Fold the tablecloth into 4ths. The outside edges matching up as well as you can…but really this will be cut off, so if it won’t go perfect…don’t freak out.

Step 3:

Lay the string from step 1 —one end will be at the center point and the other end will be loose. Take a marker and while holding the string in one hand move the marker along with the other– you will be marking your cut line.

You don’t need to mark a solid line…just something you can follow along with, with your scissors.Layer Table Cloth

Step 4:

You will now need to finish the outside edge. Serge all the way around it or you could use a zig-zag stitch with your sewing machine.

Step 5:

Make a binding. You could either add a separate binding or fold over the outside edge once and sew down using a straight stitch. Sew back around on this new ‘binding’ again. Makes it a more finished looking edge.

What do you think? Have any bedspreads hanging out and ready for a new life? Give it a try and let us all know how it went, and of course what it looks like!


  1. GrannyAnny says

    How do you make a pattern for an oval shape table?

  2. Great idea, I have a large rectangle table that needs a table cloth and a beautiful bedspread something like the one you have here. It has a stain close to one of the edges so I can cut that part off and use it for a tablecloth!


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