Dollar Tree – Beach Shell Nautical Planter

Dollar Tree – Beach Shell Nautical Planter

This craft tutorial shows you how to take dollar tree items and create a nautical-themed beach planter for your home decor.

What you need

Medium Size Terra Cotta Pot (I got mine from Dollar Tree in a 2 pack)

Hot Glue Gun/ Glue Sticks

Dollar Tree Sea Shells, or if you take a trip to the beach grab them


These planters are great to make for all ages, and you can create a full activity by going on an excursion to collect the shells from a beach. These shell pots can be made with craft glue if you are making them with children or in a group setting. You can use rubber bands to hold the shells in place whilst the glue dries.

Start by adding a line of glue on the inside bottom section of the shell and press firmly on the top part of the terra cotta pot, Repeat this process all the way around the top part of the pot, allowing some of the shell to extend over the top part of the pot.

For the remaining layers of shells, Add the glue to the bottom and then the top part of the shells so that the shell adheres to the pot and then the shell that it is being layered on top of. Repeat this until the entire pot is covered.


What do you think of this project? Let us know!