Bean Bag Frog Plushie

Bean Bag Frog Plushie

This is a great fun project for kids just learning to sew. And you can use any of your scrap material, including felt, satins or even heavy upholstery fabric scraps.

What you need

Green Felt
Corduroy or silk
Contrast fabric for belly
Plastic beads for filling
Wobbly eyes


Start by printing off the pattern below and enlarging it to the size you would like your frog to be.

Frog Pattern

Cut 1 piece out for the top and 1 piece out for the bottom of the frog. The pattern is designed to work with a fold-down-the-middle.

With the right sides together, sew around your frog either on a sewing machine or hand sewing leaving a small section open for turning the right way and filling.

Stitch of glue on the eyes. If you don’t have wobble eyes you can use buttons or felt pieces.

Turn the frog the right side out using a pen or pencil to push out the arms and legs.

Using a funnel fill the frog with plastic filling beads and then using strong thread close the opening.


  1. Wow! Yeah, I remember making these in 5th or 6th grade back in the very early eighties. I had that frog until I was in my late teens. I don’t remember what ever happened to it. I’m going make another one or two just for nostalgia. And then help my youngest kids make one for themselves.

  2. How would I make a plump shell for this to make it a turtle pillow or maybe a foot rest?

  3. This I believe is the same pattern I used as a kid.I really loved making these frogs and am going to start making them again!

  4. Thank you for the sweet idea! I didn’t have a printer so I drew my own frog pattern and used scrap felt and for the eyes I used buttons then filled it with rice! My friends little girl loved it!

  5. i love this project its awesome thx!!!!

  6. Wow! Very cool! I love your website! This is actually one I found with lots of ideas!
    VERY creative!!
    I’m going to have to make this! 😀

  7. We are using this project in our grade five art class! We did it last year and they were adorable! I find that flannelette works well, and boys usually forget their objections to stitching when they see the cool camoflage patterns they can use for the top… Instant rice works well for the filling (lighter). Students are really looking forward to making them this year as well! Thanks!

  8. We are making a frog like this in my sewing class. It is a bit different, but still used as an easy project for beginners.
    It’s fun and cute!

  9. I have made these, can’t remember how many but close to a hundred or more. At first I put beans in them and later put rice. I like the rice better. Good idea and instructions.

  10. i have made those , and filled them with rice and beans , if you can somewhat draw its not hard to make your own pattern, or cheat and cut and paste this one and then enlarge . i love frogs and those are just adorable

  11. My grandmother used to make these out of her scrap fabrics. She said that after much trial and error, she found that millet made the perfect “beans” for the beanbag. Just the right size, weight, and won’t poke through the fabric.

  12. love this idea i made it into a heat thing

  13. This is actually great. It’s the first craft project I’ve seen today that hasn’t made me lose hope in humanity. Dogger670, don’t you dare use different fabrics. It’s perfect as is.

  14. Thank you for your site & pattern it is great Been looking for ages. Just found your site

  15. Just what I was looking for. We had these at my Grandma’s house but never found a pattern until now.

  16. they turn out adorable! love it!

  17. easy and fun to do

  18. dogger670 says

    mmm im going to try it for a mothers day persent but i might use some different fabrics

  19. Thank you!!!


  20. fill it with rice – it makes a great bean bag and is really fun for us kids to play with have just recently learnt to sew sooo gonna make on of these!!!! so cute and easy too

  21. i am going to make this using felt and an old silk shirt but i’m still pondering on what to fill it with.I might fill it will cotton wool but i’m still pondering…

  22. mackie13 says

    this is a cute project

  23. Hey, how about if we filled with rice or field corn for the neck warmers or microwave heaterthingys; I collect frogs so if they got this they would know it was from “Aunty”

  24. Its ok i think it would be better if ther was a print out pattern on most of the stuff.

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