Beach Bag – Crab Design

Beach Bag – Crab Design

This sewing project shows you how to sew a beach bag featuring a crab theme.

What you need

1/2″ yd of 2 different fabrics, red felt, buttons, sewing machine


This sewing project shows you how to sew a beach bag featuring a crab theme.

1. Cut 4 5″ x 20″ strips from fabric. Cut 4 more 5″ x 20″ strips from your second fabric.


2. Lay 1 strip from each fabric right sides together and pin them together.


3. Sew down one of the long sides.


4. Open up and iron flat.


5. Repeat with your other fabric strips, sewing them into pairs and ironing flat.


6. Take 2 of your pairs, lay them right sides together with opposite fabrics touching. Pin them together and sew down one side. Iron open.


7. Repeat with your other 2 pairs, sewing them together and ironing open.


8. Download the crab pattern and cut a crab from red felt.


9. Pin your crab to 1 of your striped fabric pieces. Stitch him down by sewing along the edges of the crab. This will be the front of your tote bag.


10. Sew on buttons for his eyes.


11. Hem the top edges of your 2 striped pieces.


12. Cut 2 20″ x 3″ strips of fabric for the handles.


13. Fold your strips in half, inside out, and sew down the side making a tube.


14. Flip the handles right side out and iron flat.


15. On the back of 1 of your striped pieces, Pin 1 of your handles to the top edge.


16. Sew the handle ends down, I recommend going over them a couple of times to make sure they stay.

17. Repeat with your other handle and striped fabric piece.

18. Lay your 2 striped fabric pieces right sides together, and pin them.

19. Sew them together, going down the sides and bottom edges. Leave the top un stitched.

20. Flip right side out, and trim any threads.

And you’re done!



  1. Thank you so much for the tutorial. It was super easy! I actually modified it somewhat; by adding a base to it filled with fluff. I more so go to the pool than the beach so it made more sense. Thanks again!

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