Altered Cigar Box

Altered Cigar Box

Convert an ordinary cigar box into a work of art.

What you need

cigar box
acrylic paints- contrasting in colors
crackling medium
embellishments- flowers, chipboard, buttons, ribbon, etc.


Paint the cigar box in the darker of the 2 contrasting colors you have chosen. I used brown and pink, so brown was my bottom color.

When bottom color is dry, brush crackling medium in same direction over the box- follow directions on the bottom.

When crackling medium is almost dry, but still tacky, brush your lighter color of paint over the box, following the direction you used brushing the medium on. It should begin to start crackling within a few minutes.

When paint is completely dry, you can add your embellishments to decorate as you desire.



  1. i like it so cute

  2. super cute making one for a friends birthday!

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