Knitted Coasters

Knitted Coasters

One of the easiest pattern to make a coaster!

What you need

Some scrap yarn (any colour) needs to be at least a 50g ball of yarn.

size 5.5mm knitting needles.


CO 20 sts

row 1-4 knit across

row 5- k4,p12,k4

row 6- knit across

repeat rows 5-6 until you get to row 20.

row 21-25 knit across


Have fun and make some more if you wish these are a great addition to any room! And great for presents!


  1. theese are soo cute and easy 🙂 i love themm

  2. i think that co at the beggining meant cast on and the last on e cast of

  3. I liked it,but the instructions were a bit confusing

  4. I Loved This, The instructions are soo easy!!!!!

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