Basil Acne Wash

Basil Acne Wash

This recipe is a little unusual but basil doesn't just taste great it's fantastic for your skin too. Basil has healing properties that will calm the inflammation and bacteria that cause acne.

What you need

3 tsp of crushed fresh basil leaves
1 cup of boiling water


Take 3 tsp of crushed basil leaves around 20 whole leaves.

Crush them up to a paste and add the boiling water to steep out the basil oil.

Allow it to cool and apply to the face with a cotton wool ball, allow it to sit on the face for 20 minutes or use it daily and rinse off with warm water.


  1. Hey does this work with dried basil too?

  2. Ihave to try this, thank you cos if there’s 1 thing I need it’s acne treatment.

  3. do u put the oil on ur face or the paste?

  4. WingedKitty says

    Will this really work?

  5. Thanx!

  6. x-x-demi-boo-x-x@hotmail. says

    WOW thanks!! this i sa really easy way to get rid of my spots and acne,, thankyou craftbits!! xx

  7. i liked this it was a great idea. thankkxx

  8. It really clears your face up

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