Thanksgiving Wreath

Thanksgiving Wreath

This wreath is very traditional for all of fall and is very easy to make. Learn how to make this Thanksgiving wreath with simple steps.

What you need

Grapevine Wreath
Autumn Garland
Silk Flower Sprigs
Some Fake Berries
Cloth Covered Floral Wire
Hot Glue


I started with a grapevine wreath, a string of autumn garland on sale for $2 (those are the leaves- I just wrapped the garland around the wreath), and two different sprigs of fake flowers/berries.

First I wrapped the garland around the wreath and secured it with floral wire and hot glue. Then I ripped apart the sprigs and stuck in the berries and flowers wherever I wanted, and used the wire already in the sprigs to attach them to the wreath.

Where needed I also used a little hot glue. I added a bit of ribbon at the top and called it done.

I think it may have taken me more time to shop for the supplies than it did to make the wreath!

This project was contributed by A.Troop from Los Angeles


  1. This was a very cool craft to do with my 5 year old. She loved the outcome. Every thanksgiving we put it out and I ask her what she is thankful for and she always says she is thankful for the wreath and the time we spent together making it.

  2. Great Craft! And easy to make! Well done!

  3. Looks very nice:)

  4. loved the fall wreath

  5. It dosen’t have any life to it; it looks very dead, but it all right.

  6. it is simple yet looks beautiful , for any door or wall.

  7. Sorry, I forgot to switch the stars to good! I actually give it 4 stars not 3.

  8. Simple and very pretty.

  9. i always wondered how to make those…

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