Basic Scarf For An Adult

Basic Scarf For An Adult

This pattern is an extension of our child scarf pattern and will fit an adult.

What you need

3.5 oz – 5 oz (100-150 g) of 5-8 ply wool
Size 7 1/2 Needles


The picture above shows a scarf made with Cha Cha or Feather knitting Yarn.

Use 5 oz (150 g).

Cast on 20 stitches and knit till desired length is reached.

If you are using a Cha Cha Knitting Yarn keep in mind it will stretch both in length and in width.


  1. I luv it!!! i am a beginer and this project is really easy to under stand!!!!
    thank you!!!

  2. There are no instructions

  3. it is nice is that garter stitch?
    or k1p1 or knit one row purl one row?

  4. really easy to understand!

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