Awesome Egg Ornament – made with Styrofoam

Awesome Egg Ornament – made with Styrofoam

This is an incredibly easy Styrofoam Easter craft that I have used many times over the years with both children and adults.

What you need

Styrofoam egg ( any size, but 6″ works best, esp. for little fingers )
bamboo skewer
1/4″ ribbon – 2, cut in 6″ pieces
ribbon rose or straw flower, etc. ( about the size of your thumbnail )
tissue paper (colored and torn
into small workable pieces)
straight pins – 3
glitter (any color to your liking )
white glue

Also, you will need a disposable paintbrush, a container in which to put your glue, an old coffee can with a plastic lid or an old egg carton, newspapers to keep your area clean, and a craft stick.


A little imagination……a little crafting………..this very inexpensive craft can quickly become a piece of beauty, well treasured by even the most unappreciative of the works of a budding artisan.

OK, let’s get started…………

Take the pointy end of the bamboo skewer and poke it into the fat end of the Styrofoam egg (not too far). It should look like a Styrofoam lollipop. Set it aside for now.

Meantime, take a knife (if little ones are doing this craft, get an adult to do this part) and make a hole in either the coffee can lid or the egg carton. This should just be a slit that the bamboo skewer will fit into.

Take the newspaper and spread it out to protect the area.

Put about 3 T. of white glue in the container. Add water. Just a bit at a time. Mix until it resembles milk (if you need more later you can always make more). Dab a section of the Styrofoam egg with the paintbrush dipped into the glue mixture.

Put a piece of the torn tissue paper on top of that. Cover with more glue. Smooth all the bumps and wrinkles gently with your paintbrush (it’s easiest if you work from center outward to the edges of the paper). When you are satisfied, cover the entire Styrofoam egg in the same manner (only the egg NOT the skewer).

While it’s still wet, sprinkle with glitter all over.

Put the skewer in the slit you made on the coffee can or egg carton (or whatever else you think will work). Allow to dry overnight.

Meanwhile take your pieces of ribbon, make a bow with one and a hanging loop with the other (this can be done by tying the ends together).

After your egg is completely dry, remove the skewer. Push the straight pin directly through the knot of your hanging loop and into the top of your Styrofoam egg (the uppermost top of the skinny part).

Pushing another straight pin through the center of your flower, insert it over the ends of the hanging loop to hide them. Use the same technique to add the bow directly opposite the hanging loop (this one should be on the fat end).

There you have it! I have witnessed some really creative adaptations to this.

One little boy actually made a basketfull in different colors for his aunt as a Christmas present and I had a Girl Scout troop decorate an entire room ceiling in green ones for a St. Patrick’s day party (they varied the lengths of the hanging loops, it was beautiful!). Someone once made me a wreath with pastel eggs and baby’s breath for Easter and I even saw a white Christmas tree with nothing but red ones on it (talk about breathtaking!).

The point is this is easy, inexpensive and very adaptable. So have fun with it. Experiment. Try different colors, use more than one color at the same time, contrast the glitter, decorate other stuff or use different shapes of Styrofoam.


After all, creativity is one of God’s gifts to us.

If you do make one, send it to us and we can update this project!


  1. Did this at craft class and was big hit.

  2. Ditto the comment about needing a photo of the finished product, complete with hanging loop, bow and flowers…since all of these things were part of the instructions.

  3. Oh, so cute!! How about making a snowman! Use three styro balls, white tissue, superfine glitter!! I’d use some styro primer to make it sturdy and long-lasting.

    Christmas trees from the cone-shaped styros and green tissue? Fun!

  4. Fay Poulish says

    A lovely project to share with a group.

  5. easy and I saw a group of pictures to go with it..

  6. Lovely craft, had great fun doing it, and very very, easy, also quite quick.

  7. it would be nice if there was a photo

  8. What a great idea! Thanks so much!

  9. sounds fun, need a pic

  10. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    this sounds really cute. i wish that there was a pik:] love it

  11. amazing i gave this to every teacher in my school!!

  12. bad bad craft award

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