Altered Matchbook – Card Necklace

Altered Matchbook – Card Necklace

This free altered matchbook scrapbooking project shows you how to make a necklace box that contains a pull out card.

What you need

empty matchbox (sample used a white box made for altering)

patterned scrapbook paper (sample used 7 Gypsies paper)

2 brown buttons

32″of plaid ribbon

8″of white lace

white paper flower


tiny white shipping tag with string

tiny scrabble tile

brown cardstock

alphabet stickers

brown Sharpie marker

Tim Holtz distress ink pad (sampled used “vintage photo”)

spray bottle with water

paper trimmer

heat gun (optional)

paper towels


Empty out a matchbox or use one from a scrapbook company that is made for altering.

Using the brown Sharpie marker color the sides and bottom of the tray of the matchbox and also the edges of the tiny scrabble tile.

Using a paper trimmer trim the patterned paper to 2″x 4″(or what ever size will wrap around the outside of your particular box).

Apply adhesive all around the outside of the box and wrap the trimmed patterned paper around it.

Crumple up the shipping tag in your hand and then smooth it out.

With the Distress Ink pad lightly rub ink onto the creases of the crumpled tag, the paper flower and the lace, lay these items on a paper towel and spray with water. The water will cause the ink to run and bleed giving an aged distress look. Dry these items with a heat gun or let dry naturally.

Run both ends of the ribbon through both buttons and then tie the two ends of the ribbon together in a knot, leaving small tails. Slide one button down to the knot and slide the other button up out of the way.

Apply adhesive to both long sides of the paper wrapped box. Place the knotted ribbon with the button at one end of the box then attach the ribbon to either side of the box where the adhesive is applied.

Cut the lace in half and wrap around the box towards the top and the bottom and adhere.

Put the brad through the paper flower and adhere to one side of the box.

Adhere the scrabble tile to the shipping tag and adhere to the other side of the box.

To make the fold out card: using a paper trimmer trim the cardstock to 2 1/2″x 7″and fold in half length wise, open and score width wise every 1 3/4″and accordion fold along the score lines. Open and then cut down the long center fold but do not cut the very last fold. Apply alphabet stickers to each of the folded square sections, accordion fold up both sides the card, fold in half and lay the folded card inside the tray of the matchbox.

Slide the tray with the card inside into the matchbox and slide down the other button to keep it closed.

Matchbox Art - Completely Open

Matchbox Art – Completely Open

Matchbox Art

Matchbox Art

Designed by Heather Holbrook


  1. This is a wonderful project which could easily become a favorite for a young girl. You could hide secret messages inside. It could easily be changed and designed for a boy. Lunch money could be tucked inside the box. I love the idea and that it can be a multi-purpose pendant, or a gift with a special message or gift.

  2. Gorgeous!! Thank you! Just made it 🙂


  4. I like this, it’s nice.:) Thanks for the idea!:D

  5. cute!

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