Aboriginal Hand Prints

Aboriginal Hand Prints

Learn to create aboriginal hand prints using these simple steps.

What you need

Acrylic Paints
Spray Bottle


Take your acrylic paint and water it down slightly then pour into a water spray bottle.

Place the child’s hand against the paper and spray over the hand. Traditionally this paint was held in the mouth and sprayed over the hand from the mouth. If you intend on having your kids do that make sure you use non toxic paint.

For a safer method, use food coloring, the overall color will be lighter but it will be a more “traditional” attempt to re-create the art.

You can use the same acrylic water paints in a spray bottle and paint the classroom windows using the same hand method.

Then when the theme is complete the cleaner can use a scrubber to remove the paint from the windows.


  1. it might be more appropriate if the kiddies clean up after themselves with the scrubber instead of making the cleaner do it. Just sayin’-
    I wonder if they could do feet too?

  2. its fun

  3. v.good it helps you with your art. all my freinds will use it for their aboriginal hand print homework. even the head teacher likes it well done

  4. I think this craft is very good. Keep up the good work and it is very good for younger kids.

  5. This is great to teach my children some of the culture they are a part of.

  6. cool

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