4th Of July Beaded Patriotic Barrette

4th Of July Beaded Patriotic Barrette

This patriotic bead project shows you how to make a beaded barrette for the 4th of July holiday.

What you need

Red, White, and blue pony beads
1 chenille stem (pipe cleaner)
An old barrette, or a new barrette clip
Hot glue gun, or needle and thread


Step 1: Thread enough pony beads onto a pipe cleaner (chenille stem) so that it will cover the surface of the barrette you will be attaching it to. (I used a dark pipe cleaner because it disappears, but for a bit of bling, you could use a silver or gold metallic one.) See photo 1.

Step 2: Photo 2 shows the correct amount of beads to cover the barrette.

Step 3: Twist the two ends of the chenille stem.

Patriotic Barrette Steps

Step 4: Photo 4 shows the beads ready to attach to the barrette. You may either cut off the excess chenille stem or turn it under the beads.

Steps 5 and 6: Either hot glue the beads on the barrette, or sew on with a needle and thread. To sew on, wrap the thread all around the barrette, and through a space between the beads.

Be careful to open up the barrette first, so you don’t accidentally sew it closed!

VOILA! Celebrate the 4th of July, wearing your patriotic barrette!



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