15 Minute Spring Wall Art

15 Minute Spring Wall Art

This tutorial shows you how to make a quick Easter Spring time wall art in under 15 minutes. Use pastel paper, a frame and some glue!

What you need

Printed pastel papers
Large White oblong frame
Craft or Paper glue
Black marker pen



I designed my Spring time Wall art based on the frame I could purchase. I bought this frame for $5 at Walmart / K-mart.

I used pastel scrapbooking papers to create my letters, I used a pencil to outline the letters and then used scissors to cut out each letter.


I used a black marker pen to add a stitching effect to each letter to make it pop.


Once it was finished I glued the letters in to place and popped it into the frame.

I added mine to our Childrens toy room where we have some great K-mart / Walmart pieces hanging.12788428_10207562584835777_217093869_o

What do you think of this project? Let us know!