Warm Fuzzy Friends

Warm fuzzy friends are easy to make using CD cases and yarn.

Warm Fuzzy Friends

What you need

cd case
big googly eyes


1. Take your CD case and put the pencil on it diagonally.

2. Tape the pencil onto the CD case that way.

3. Wrap your yarn around the CD case 200 times (around 300 if the yarn is thin.)

4. When done with that cut of any extra yarn hanging down.

5. Slide the yarn off the CD case. Make sure your holding it in the center.

6. Take a separate piece off yarn and tie it tightly in the middle. Now there should be little loops everywhere.

7. Cut the loops until the fuzzy is all shagged and fuzzy.

Congrats!! You just made your first warm fuzzy friend!

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  1. We made these when I was in middle school. Without the eyes, we would pull out one piece of yarn and tie it onto a friends necklace to let them no we were thinking about them. We had a lot of fun with them even the teachers got envolved.

  2. IDG it…………….. :-P

  3. dancR4ever1504 says:

    so cute! i did them with my little brother and he loved them!

  4. these are adorable! we make these at camp :)

    at camp, to make one warm fuzzy we used:
    -1 pom pom ball (any size, larger preferably)
    -2 googly eyes
    -1 heart shaped foam piece

    we glued the heart shaped foamie to the bottom, with the 2 round pieces sticking out (as feet) and the two eyes on the front for his face. tres cute!!!

  5. They offered to make these at boyscout camp at first I thought they where going to be babyish but there actualy realy cool. You can make up all sorts of games with them. I’m going to try experimenting and making bigger and smaller ones. To get multiple colors rap one color yarn around and then cut it off and take another color and start rapping it around or use multy colored strings. At camp they suggested you can make hands and things using felt or those puff puff ball things and you can give them excesories like axes and swords and pom poms and jewlry. I think the pencil is so that those paper cd cases don’t bend. You can use cardboard instead.

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