Knitted Egg Sweater or Cosy

Knitted Egg Sweater or Cosy

Why does one need a sweater for an egg? We don't know, but this pattern will help you if you decide to make one.

What you need

Materials: DK weight yarn, #5 needle


Cast on 20 sts. Work in K1P1 rib for 2 rows. Continue in stockinette stitch (knit 1 row, purl 1 row) for 18 rows.

Next row (21 rs) work 8 sts.

Bind off center 4 sts, work remaining 8 sts, row 22 purl

Row 23 – Dec 1st each neck edge
Row 24 – purl
Row 25 – Dec 1 st each neck edge
26 – purl
Row 27 (back) K 6 sts, cast on 9 sts (1 extra), slip next st from left hand needle to right hand and pass extra st over, K to = 20 sts. Continue in stockinette for 24 rows. Bind off.

Sleeves: Starting on 13th row, pick up 10 sts to shoulder and another 10 sts=20 sts dec. each edge (1st st from edge) on rows 5 and 11= 16 sts.

Work until 14 rows. Work 2 rows of K1P1 rib, bind off.

Use your imagination to embellish the sweater.

This project was contributed by A Good YarnCheck out their site for more patterns and wool.


  1. actually this would of helped alot, i just finished a project for my child development class and the goal was to protect a hollowed out egg shell for a week i knitted mine a sweater but it was no where near as cool as this one props to whoever designed this

  2. I like to make little sweaters like this as Christmas tree ornaments with scraps of yarn. I have quite a collection started! This will be a cute addition.

  3. Egg Sweaters? Why? With that said this looks like a great little project for skein ends. I think I will try one and attach to my key chain.

  4. Very complicated i forgot what working means in knit wise!!! YIKES!!!

    BTW I am watergoddess1998 but not logged on yet!

  5. I made these as a decoration for Easter eggs. Everyone thought they were !sooo cute, lots of laughs. Recommend them highly!

  6. Nice little jumper, would be great on a doll or something.

  7. Cute but why?

  8. funnily creative

  9. point less.

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