PipeCleaner Beaded Necklace

PipeCleaner Beaded Necklace

This kids jewelry making project shows you how to make a fun little necklace using pipe cleaners and beads.

What you need

Beads (assorted)
Pipe cleaners
Shoelace, or a chain


Round Pendant

Thread beads onto a pipe cleaner, and twist when you have enough to make a circle the size of your choice.

Attach to a shoelace, and tie in the back to make a cord.

Star Pendant

Cut a pipe cleaner into 6 equal lengths.

Fold over one end so the beads stay on.

Put 6 beads onto each length, and fold over the other end to hold the beads on.

Separate the beads in the center, and twist all 3 lengths together in the center.

Form a loop on one of the ends with the pipe cleaner, and string onto a shoelace, or a chain.

This project was submitted by Emilda: http://www.etsy.com/shop/hectanooga

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